Sanergy is on the move this month!

Sanergy is on the move this month!

Across the world, the lack of sanitation is a crisis of incredible magnitude that requires new answers. This month, we’re circling the globe to identify effective solutions that we can implement back in Nairobi, where we have developed and disseminated sanitation-related technology in the slums for the past year. We’ve also spent a fair amount of time sharing our own innovations with the sanitation community. Read on:

For the past three weeks, Nathan and Benji  have journeyed through India, learning about novel concrete technology and toilet designs from six local organizations, including:

  • Energy, Environment and Development Society (EEDS), located in Bhopal, which has developed lightweight micro-concrete composite ecosan toilet squat pans. EEDS has also trained local unskilled labor to set up workshops, create molds out of fiberglass, and produce pans in bulk.
  • The Auroville Building Centre (AVBC) in Pondicherry, which has developed a ferrocement toilet design that is extremely light and quick to manufacture.
  • Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), based in New Delhi, which has pioneered machinery for rapidly producing high-quality prefabricated ferrocement wall panels and roofing using local parts.
  • Quicksand, an innovative design firm based in Bangalore working on products for low-income communities and which has, as part of the Potty Project, developed new designs for slum sanitation.

Heading east 2000 miles from India, Joel and Jeff are spending January in Cambodia. There, they are working with International Development Enterprises (IDE) to learn new concrete casting techniques. Through their Making Sanitation Easy program, IDE has developed new casting techniques for pit latrine rings that we hope to adapt for our Sanergy’s wall panels.

Back in Kenya, Ella is leading multidisciplinary trainings with students from the University of Nairobi. In two separate workshops, architecture, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering students will learn how to use advanced 3-D modeling software and then how to apply new concrete casting techniques.

Also in Nairobi, Ani, David, and Lindsay are working on improving operations of Sanergy’s existing pilots, planning for future scaling, and sourcing local funding and partnerships.

Check out Nathan and Benji posts below on their journeys in India, and check back soon for updates on the team’s work in Cambodia and Kenya!

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