A Sea of Roses

One of the primary revenue streams for Sanergy is the high-quality organic fertilizer we will generate from the waste collected. We are particularly interested in contracting with commercial farms for our potentially large quantities of fertilizers. 
Roses as far as the eye can see
Today, I spent they day at Karaturi Rose Farms, one of the biggest commercial farms in Kenya, with about 500 acres under cultivation on the shores of Lake Naivasha. Each day, they export nearly 1 million roses to Europe accounting for about 6.5% of global rose production. Using a combination of greenhouse and open field production techniques, they grow 26 varieties of roses throughout the year. Their streamlined process moves a rose stem from harvesting to grading to packing to shipping in less than 24 hours and delivers it to Amsterdam in less than 36 hours. 
Vermicomposting and regular composting in action
Karaturi piqued my interest, in part, because of their focus on social welfare and environmental impact. They have nursery, primary, and secondary schools that are free of charge for the families of their 5,000 workers. They also provide a free 40-bed hospital that is open to the community. Recently, they have enhanced their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint (and consequently cut costs) through renewable energy and organic fertilizers. In this vein, they have started piloting vermicomposting as well as regular composting. 
In another effort, they’re connecting the 26 septic tanks from their workers’ housing blocks to a biogas facility that will generate electricity for the farm. They estimate about 4 tons of waste is pumped from their septic tanks each each day, with about 1 – 2 tons usable in generating about 1000 cubic meters of biogas each day. Once installed, it will be one of the largest biogas generation facilities in Kenya.
Even with all these greening efforts, they anticipate that the waste products from their farms will meet only about 20% of their fertilizer and renewable energy needs. Clearly, Kenyan commercial farms hold a vast and unserviced need for organic fertilizer and energy. This is the market we, at Sanergy, look forward to tapping into.

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