Matatu madness

Matatus are the private vans/buses that operate on the same routes as some of the city buses, but are generally smaller and with more character. Some operators claim to want to attract the younger crowd, and paint the buses with crazy murals/decorations, and pimp out the insides with crazy lighting and expensive sound systems (some even have video). Riding in one of the crazy ones is a true Nairobi experience (although probably not unique to the city)

Here are some of the better ones we spotted:

dirty trixace hood?the obama van, by faith (this type of van/bus is the most common type. usually a nissan that they manage to squeeze about 15 people into)

not actually a matatu, but still very cool

crunk ain’t dead!

tha dogg pound


the unda dawg

(click on the image and zoom in to see the new facebook logo)

(jay z)

prison break
g unit
not a matatu, but funny company name: ape auto
also not a matatu. but who isn’t a fan of maximizing their miracles?

The study of the hustle

talk of the town

roll of the dice (gambler)

what beef?

what does the red part say?

a praise van

some pop/rb something person

even the pushcarts…

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